Giresun Seedling, Nursery, Blueberry Horticultural and Foresty Products Ltd. Sti.


Our company was found after 2008 in Giresun district Bulancak for the reason of offering a varity of agriculturing products with modern agricultural applications to the Blachsea region, to change or develope new agricultural applications needed in this region, to help the region gaining new sorts, to help farmers who are still depending on tea and hazelnut cultivating to discover new sorts and to find with them appropriate farmland for these, to rehabilitate unused farmland to use them for new and modern agricultural applications or to exchange outturn low agricultural product with new higher gaining products, and to develope some of the fruits, vegetables and foliage plants, which are cultivated only for the familiy needs of the locals, to an income level and to increase the sort types of the region




To become the most impressive company, which is offering, new agricultural products, which are appropriate to the climate and soil of the Blacksea region, which are wanted in the world, which are valuable and healthy, which are cultivated with modern technics, to replicate them with modern technics, which is protecting the local sorts and helping to add new farmland, which is apply the researches and developes made, and works with experts and supports the training of new specialists.


To gain the Blacksea region new fruit, vegetable, tree, little tree, bush plants and different sorts of foliage plants for supporting the employment, to raise awareness, to economic development. To supply the suplyment and the usage and the replication of these, the choice of the local foliage plants, to take them under care, to supply the spreadout of the replication, to help evaluating the local consumed fuit sorts, the foliage plants types and sorts, the bushes and plants with surface covering features, to be a pioneer in getting nature protection for the local fruit sorts, to reclaim new sorts for the region, to take place on the national and international market, to show new applications in doing them, to provide sources for scientific research and development, to provide the results of scientific researches, to contribute the schooling of the local farmers, to work co-operationwith academics, scientists, and univeristies to raise awareness, and to be a pioneer in moderization of the agricultural applications to supply news in this case to the Blacksea region

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