The cranberry takes importance in the culture of family health and beauty in America and Canada, its high vitamin contend helps decreasing the blood sugar, it is used for antibiotic effect at urinary tract infection and mouth-dental health. The cranberry saves the body with its rich phenolic substances well known as antioxidants against bacteries. The cranberry which is setting against some cancer types, aging, oral and dental diseases, hear diseases and ulser, could be specified by medical as antibacterial and diuretic. The cranberry which prevents bed wetting and bladder contraction is also preventing loss of appetite, eliminate diarrhea,  eliminate gout, prevents kidney and pelvic inflammation, set against rheumatism, eliminates lack of ascorbic acid and spring fatigue, improves intern oral inflammations, set against stomach and duodenum ulser, prevents hardening of the arteries and sore throats. The oil of its cores contends a lot of omega-3. The cranberry prevents especially the damages of the brain cells, protects the brain against neural damages and decreases the risk of stroke.

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