Cranberry is a grapy kind of fruit with a pungent taste, it is round, red colored and from the briar race like the blueberries. The plant is showing surface covering feature with its invasive arms and the fruits and vertical shoots are growing on these, it is a evergreen plant. It is growing in water, but it doesn't like airless water. The fruits can be reaped in the dry or in water. The ideal ground for cranberry is rotten water filled pits in marsh areas. Wild growing types of the cranberry as the symbol of peace and friendship could be found marsh land or muddy areas, on water's edge or on parts of plateaus with low drainage, meadow areas. Cranberry can be cultivated on marsh-carvy land or in handmade sand-peat pans.The german and netherlandish immigrants have, after their immigrantion to America, named this plant, because of the look of its blossoms, which are reminding the jowl, head and beak of a crane, as craneberry, in time this word got shorten to cranberry. In the years of 2000 Prof. Dr. Huseyin Celik brought this grapy kind of fruit to Turkey and named it Turnayemisi (Turna turkish for Crane), and the cultivating of it started in Rize, Trabzon and Samsun.

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