Following the replication of the plants produced in nurseries, they have to be dibbled in spring into the garden. Planting density should be 30 cm x 30 cm. After the dibbling there should be a irrigation system be installed, and it should be irrigated as it needs.With the rising of the temperatures the cranberries will show an increase in the growth with this the water and ferizilation needs are increasing too.

Steel replicated. The steel is been taken from the arms and paving planting has to be done after this it has to be covered with sand or daub. On one da. 250-500 kg steel has to be dibbled. The steel dibbling has to be done in mid-spring to the end of spring. Further tube seedlings, out of rooted steels produced under greenhouse conditions can be used.



Here the first application has to be done in June and 22 kg on one da. is beeing used of 5-20-20 compound fertilizer, the second application has to be done in July with 11 kg on one da. of ammonium nitrate. Further the weed control, irrigation, leaving under water during winter, blasting, pruning, fighting against diseases have to be done careful. Wet reaped or dry reaped cranberries can be protected up to 20 weeks at 4C° temperature.

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