According to the data the global agriculture of cranberries was in 2004 343.000 tonnes, 82% of this were cultivated in America, 14% in Canada, 2% in Lithuanian and under 1% in Belarus, Azarbaijan and Ukraine together. In Turkey the outturn of cranberries on one da. is 1160 kg. The cultivating costs for one kilogramme are 1,2 TL and the wholesale price is 3,5 TL. Whereas the gaining on one da. is over 4000 TL on one da. If we are counting the net gain with 4000-1400=2600 TL than it is open that the gain is much higher than on tea or hazelnut. It is consumed generally as fruit juice. The consumption of the cranberry is 450-900 g per person. The result is that the agriculture of cranberries in the soils of the Blacksea region, which are rich on organic substances, acidic, and with underwater or overwater soils, but with low pH degrees and high on organic substances, could contribute to the biodiversity. The fist trials under dry conditions started in 2004 are giving now their first results.

And new types are been brought to Samsun Carsamba and Bafra to make researches for wet cultivating possibilities. If the agriculture will be provided on the wetlands of the middle Blacksea region, these cranberries will be used for the juice industry. On the other side in Turkey dried cranberries are being sold on the turkish market as “Lipaka”. If the same technical application will be processed in Turkey too, it will bring high gains to our farmers.


Thus the cranberry which are chopped and cutted into pieces are leaving a soure taste in the mouth with its oily and deep red looking fruit, finds customers for 30,00 TL/kg, and it is a big help against stomach ulser.

To reduce the agriculture of tea and hazelnut in the high acidic soiled areas of the Blacksea region, and on the appropriate parts of the reduced paddy fields on which wet harvest is possible the cranberry agriculture is aimed. For this reason the flat and light batter areas of Rize, Trabzon, Ordu and Giresun are could be used for dry harvest, and for wet harvest, there have to be built appropriate pans in Samsun, Bafra and Carsamba, so that the agriculture of cranberry should start in a short time. In this case, to gain new sorts to our region, there will be national projects offered, to start with trials for dry and wet harvest on wide areas. Because pre-trial with some sorts brought really good results.


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