The appropriation trials of the blueberry sorts in different altitudes are being made by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Celik. To higher the coldness resistance of the blueberry plants, it is possible to chose the plants with the next higher coldness resistance in accordance to the tracked cold temperatures in the area. So the tracking of the winter coldness, the late spring frost, and the early autumn frost has to be made carfully, and the spring frost possiblity has to be known. The success in the blueberry agriculture is starting with a evaluating of the conditions and a project, made by experts, and is going on with the support of the academic specialists and the agriculture has to be made in widelands. On your demand, all factors of the farmland will be researched and the choice for the most appropriate sort will be adviced by us.

The blueberry which is not a domestic plant, was brought to Tureky in the years of 2000 by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Celik, and was named by him as “maviyemis” and the cultivating was forced by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Celik in the Blacksea region.

In-vitro plantlets

30 cm high tube plants

Rooted steel

Pot plants


Blueberries are being replicated by steel in general. As steel type, foremost is used solid wood, half wood and soft wood steels. On the other hand vaccine, insemination, dipping, with rooted shoots, with rhizomes, which are under soil bodies, or tissue culture can be used for replication too. Solid wood or half wood steels can only be rooted in materials which are good drained but whose moisture holding capacity is high. Peat soil and vermiculate (or coarse sand) mixed in a avarage of 1:1 can be used for rooting the steel too. The prepared mixture have to be filled 1 week before the rooting into the herefore used pads, pans or beds.

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